Negative Gemini: The Grand Social by Aaron Corr

Straight off the back of my long overdue holiday, GoldenPlec offered me two assignment for the day I returned. No rest for the wicked. Shooting this show was the second of the two shoots I had that day, and boy was it a challenge!

The Grand Social can be tricky to shoot in sometimes due to the lighting and this was definitely one of those cases. Lindsey French, aka Negative Gemini, took to the dark stage and leaped around in a black coat and tinkered with her samplers and keyboard to either side of the stage. A screen projected images along to her songs but this largely created a large white light when trying to expose for Lindsey in the dark corners. Focusing was tricky on it’s own, never mind keeping the shot from blurring due to long exposures combined with the high ISO in use.

After the show I approached Lindsey to ask if I could grab a quick portrait with her. With the video projector still in use on the stage I decided to use that and light her with it. I took five quick snaps and said my goodbyes. I love the psychedelic nature of how they turned out.

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Julien Baker: Vicar Street by Aaron Corr

GoldenPlec sent me to shoot the Julien Baker show in Vicar Street. They had featured her quite a bit in advance, with an interview on the site ahead of the show. I didn’t manage to listen to her much but I came out captivated by her songs, her voice and her power on stage.

Becca Mancari

Becca Mancari

Support came from Nashville’s Becca Mancari. She was to be with another guitarist but had to go solo due to a Ryanair issue. She was funny and charming on stage, and the lights were perfect for capturing her performing.

Becca Mancari

Becca Mancari

Julien Baker

Julien Baker

There’s not much I can say about Julien Baker’s performance that hasn’t been said in the GoldenPlec review. What I can say was that, much like the support, the lighting conditions were excellent and the spotlights in particular adding to the effect. So much so I made sure to take more wider shots to incorporate them highlighting her on stage. The only distraction was the keyboard set up which got in the way when shooting from the left side. Not a big deal in the overall scale of things. It was a amazing performance by an artist I look forward to hearing a lot more from.

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April Photos by Aaron Corr

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

I have been a little slow to update the blog in the last few months.  Between moving house and getting settled, while working and covering gigs, life got the better of me.  Time to get back in the habit.  The first April gig I covered was the first of Dua Lipa's two sold out Olympia shows for GoldenPlec.  Although I didn't stay to watch, the first three songs more than showed that she was a heck of a performer.  The photo pit was busy that night but the lights were so good that it made up for all the bumping of cameras in the pit.  For the first time in a pit I had someone bash the back of my head with their camera.  

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I expected to see more live music on Record Store Day this year but they all began in the late afternoon, the weather was superb and I had a BBQ that needed cooking back home.  As a result I just managed to catch Ena Brenna performing as Dowry in Freebird records.  I'd yet to catch her solo so took this opportunity.  

Lyla Foy

Lyla Foy

The only other April gig I photographed was Mercury Rev for The Thin Air, which saw the band celebrating the anniversary of Deserters Songs.  Support came from Lyla Foy.

Mercury Rev

Mercury Rev

The show was a great performance of stories mixed with stripped back versions of their classics, with a Pavement cover thrown in for good measure.  It felt a little like watching a VH1 songwriters show and was very heartwarming.  The songs sound as beautiful as ever, especially in the intimacy of Whelans.

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Sigrid: The Academy by Aaron Corr

Sigrid is a star on the rise, so I made sure to get to her show to catch her on the smaller stage for GoldenPlec before she ends up playing bigger, and less intimate shows.  I only stayed for the three songs I shot so I can't really comment on the gig itself, but you can read all about it here.  I did have a giggle at the set list noting when to talk to the crowd, and what to say.  The crowd were going crazy for her on the night and I don't think the smile once left her face while I was taking photos.

London Grammar: Olympia Theatre by Aaron Corr

This is my second time photographing London Grammar live, this time for The Thin Air.  My first experience shooting the band was in the Academy and midway through the second song their tour manager came out to tell photographers to stop moving in the pit.  From that point on we had to stand still where we were, which left me at the far side, away from singer Hannah Reid.  This was unfortunate, and the lighting was tricky at that show.

This time in the Olympia they were more prepared and had tape along the ground in which no one, not even security were to pass.  It wasn't the worst restriction I've had placed on me at a show, the only downside was that the right side was crap to shoot from.  Hannah had her back turned or was obscured by the keyboards & synths for the most part.  When Dominic moved to the drums he was that bit too obscured, a bit more reach would have done the trick to catch a better photo but the line was right there to stop me.  The results of the show were nice and the edit after was one of the quickest to go through since light was near consistent, which is always a bonus.  This turned out to be a nice tour to shoot.

St. Vincent: Olympia Theatre by Aaron Corr

After beginner her tour that week in the UK to rave reviews from critics, but mixed reviews from Twitter punters, St. Vincent returned to Ireland to play two shows in the Olympia Theatre.  Annie Clark was allowing photographers to shoot four songs in the middle of the show, catching her last two songs performed in the first set, and the first two songs of the second set.  This meant I got to take photos of her in two different outfits she wore for the show which mixed up the look of the whole photo set.

The feedback from the Dublin shows was phenomenal, the was no mixed reaction like in the UK to her appearing solo, there was no screams of "glorified karaoke".  The show highlighted how great a voice she has and even more so highlighted what an amazing guitarist she is.  Wielding her many coloured variations of her signature Ernie Ball guitar, she out shined many a guitar hero and put herself up there with the best.

For the first set she wore a pink PVC/leather outfit with knee high boots and sang from different areas of the stage for each song, sometimes barely visible from my vantage point in the crowd, hidden by speakers.  The lighting was a photographer's dream so when it came time to the shoot the lighting mixed between good strong lighting on Annie, to some strobes, low lights and light smoke. 

For the second set she worse the silver dress and the background was now giant screens.  My only gripe on that front was that, although the background colours and images were fantastic to use, the lines across the screen and moiré that would appear on the shots take a little bit away from the final result.  For the solid colour backgrounds I did contemplate giving it a bit of a blur to get rid of the effect but let them be since I couldn't do it for all of them.  While the results may be cooler from the last few tours with her band , I must say that overall this was one of my favourite shows to shoot, ever.

Juanita Stein: The Grand Social by Aaron Corr

It's been just over 10 years since I saw Howling Bells play a show in Limerick's Dolans.  I was a fan of the album at the time but after their live show I loved them even more.  I never saw them live again, and I am not sure if they ever did return to Ireland to tour so I was happy to see Juanita Stein announce a tour.  Juanita's Dublin show fell on a miserable Friday night in Dublin.  Support came from Navan's Chinese Newspaper.

As much as I looked forward to seeing Juanita's solo show, something crept up that I was well advised not to miss, HMLTD in Workman's Club.  So unfortunately I stayed long enough to shoot a few songs from Juanita's set and ran to see and take some photos down the Liffey at Workos.  Sometimes Dublin is like that, just like the weather outside that night when it comes to bands in town, when it rains, it pours.

Kate Nash: The Academy by Aaron Corr

When I completed my shoot of Brian Wilson’s show in Bord Gais Theatre I realised it was still very early and was thinking that I could have easily have shot the Kate Nash gig that same night, but usually there is no way of planning this and it working.  The Academy is on one of my routes home so I strolled past it at 8:45 and saw crowds of fans outside having a cigarette.  I chanced my arm and walked up to the MCD person working at the front door and asked if there was any spare passes to shoot.  As it turns out MCD’s snapper opted out of the shoot and now I had the pass to shoot my second show of the night.

I wasn’t long waiting before Kate Nash’s band took to the stage to play their intro before she took to the stage.  The set up on stage was busy with flowers, trees, streamers and clouds, the lights were heavy on purples, greens and blues and Kate was ready to reacquaint everyone with her debut album.  She stalked the stage left to right after teasing a verse & chorus of her biggest hit, Foundations.

This was the first show of the tour and the band were in fine form, with plenty of hair flicking and rock poses.  Kate, fresh from her success in starring in Netflix's GLOW, was bouncing around and by the last song of the shoot was down to the front row of the crowd to scream the words to Dickhead into the eager fans faces.

The usual Academy issues still applied, mainly being the harsh colours and the annoying efforts it takes to try fix them in Lightroom but I was happy to get shooting the show regardless.  Especially given the contrast to the fixed and distant position given to me in Bord Gais for the previous shoot.