Gary Numan: Olympia Theatre by Aaron Corr

My initial thoughts of shooting Gary Numan would be that he would have many a pose and would make for a cool picture.  I didn't factor his heavy use of smoke and strobes on stage when I headed to the Olympia for The Thin Air.  This made things quite tricky, particularly given how much Gary moves around on stage.  He doesn't stop, and when he does the microphone obscures most of his face as you try catch a break between the flickers of light.  Add to this some dark green lights during one of the three songs covered.  

I had my second camera (Canon 7d) on me with a 70-200mm, as usual for an Olympia Show, but this was rarely used for close ups because of his constant movement.  I think there is only one shot I bothered with when it came to editing which you can see below.  Even at that, it is slightly overexposed.  He was still worth shooting, just a tricky subject to photograph.

HMLTD: Workmans Club by Aaron Corr

I ran from Juanita Stein's show in The Grand Social and made my way in to Workman's Club (thanks to a Twitter win) and took some more photos for The Thin Air.  HMLTD are a band to be reckoned with.  A GoldenPlec colleague highly recommended them to many of us, saying the four shows he's seen (now five) were some of the best gigs he'd seen that year.  He described them to me as a mix of Fat White Family and Moonlandingz in terms of live spectacle.  

Technical glitches aside, they were brilliant and so much energy.  The half full venue all got into it and lapped it up.  There was no standing far back from the stage in embarrassment, everyone was up towards the stage jumping around.  With a pint in hand, I snapped a few pictures from my various vantage points and then took in the show.  Hopefully by the time they return they will have built a bigger audience to make it a gig to rival their English shows look.

The Big Moon: Academy 2 by Aaron Corr

This month was always planned as a quiet one in terms of shooting gigs since I kept very busy in March and was planning to head on a two week holiday towards the end of April.  I caved from this sabbatical to shoot The Big Moon in Academy 2, so now I'll post more photos than usual.  I've been listening to their debut album, Love in the 4th Dimension, a lot lately and really like it.  

The lights in Academy were near consistent throughout, there was less light on Celia, on bass, and the drummer, Fern.  The crowd kept a respectable distance from the stage during the early songs but moved up closer as the gig progressed.  The last time they played Dublin was to ten people in Workmans Club so they are coming along and no doubt soon even more people will be catching on to them over here.  I look forward to catching them again, hopefully at a festival this Summer.

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