Ryan Adams: Olympia Theatre by Aaron Corr

I chose to shoot Ryan Adams first of two sold out shows in the Olympia Theatre quite last minute with GoldenPlec.  The opportunity was there for the taking.  I knew I’d have to sign a contract and shoot from the back of the venue, but recently I have been blitzing through Meet Me In The Bathroom by Lizzy Goodman in which he features a bit in, and I got the buzz to shoot his show regardless.  There isn’t much to say about shooting the show, I was at the back of the venue, reaching over the crowd’s heads and mobile phones, stood on the vacant wheelchair access ramp and stayed there for 95% of the three song shoot.  The light was dull on him, no doubt because of his condition,  Ménière's disease.  The saving grace to shooting from that far back at least was taking in more of his amazing set design, made up of televisions and giant Fender amplifiers. 

Check out the full set of photos here.