The Big Moon

The Big Moon: Academy 2 by Aaron Corr

This month was always planned as a quiet one in terms of shooting gigs since I kept very busy in March and was planning to head on a two week holiday towards the end of April.  I caved from this sabbatical to shoot The Big Moon in Academy 2, so now I'll post more photos than usual.  I've been listening to their debut album, Love in the 4th Dimension, a lot lately and really like it.  

The lights in Academy were near consistent throughout, there was less light on Celia, on bass, and the drummer, Fern.  The crowd kept a respectable distance from the stage during the early songs but moved up closer as the gig progressed.  The last time they played Dublin was to ten people in Workmans Club so they are coming along and no doubt soon even more people will be catching on to them over here.  I look forward to catching them again, hopefully at a festival this Summer.

Full gallery here.