Pet Sounds

Brian Wilson: Bord Gais Energy Theatre by Aaron Corr

The Thin Air sent me to cover the legendary Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds show in Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin.  The show started early and, as I expected, I was not able to stay to take in the rest of the show which is a pity.  I won't let that bother me though, I did get to see him do the Pet Sounds show in Primavera last year and the early exit afforded me the opportunity to dive into another show that night, covered in the next blog.

As usual with BGET, three songs with no flash and from one side of the theatre.  They are not a dynamic band on stage, it's all about the performance of the songs and being faithful to the music.  This doesn't create any great variations with the shots I've got on the night but who cares, it's Brian Wilson and he may be retiring from touring soon.  The lighting was really good on stage which was great for shooting on a 70-200mm throughout.  I got to hear I Get Around during the shoot which was a nice touch.  I left the venue happy to have photographed the great man.