Ollie Cole

Weapons of Choice #4 - Oliver Cole by Aaron Corr

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Click the images to see the full article.

On my list of who to feature in Weapons on Choice I had written at the top the name Ollie Cole, ex-Turn front-man and now solo artist.  I was a big fan of Turn since I saw them supporting JJ72 in the Black Box in Galway, and Dolans in Limerick back in 2000.  Over the years, particularly around the time of their 2nd album, Forward, some friends and I would get together to go watch them in Limerick.  

At one such gig I'd got pulled up onstage to play the last chorus of the final track of the show, Too Much Make-Up.  "Can you play an A and an E?" Ollie asked from the stage before grabbing me.  As I played, he leaped onto the stool by my friends to sing.  Their drummer, Ian Melady, came to find me after to say that it was the best 'guest guitarist' that they'd had on that tour.  Most of the time they'd have to turn the amp off on the person.  Apologies, I digress.   

It was a no brainer when I wanted to do one of these features with Ollie, to discuss his time in Turn, going solo, how he learned guitar, what sort of set ups he uses live, and how he writes & records music.  He met me by my apartment and we drove north to his cottage where we had the chat in his kitchen, took a few portraits of him, his guitars and various other instruments.  Unfortunately the Fender Telecaster he got from U2 was not present.  His daughter was there however, and very playful so I made sure to give her her moment in the sun by getting her in for some pictures before I took off.

The interview was the longest I've had to transcribe yet (running at 90 minutes) but very worth it.  There was a lot of tales and experience to go through to get the pieces ironed out to what finally made the feature on GoldenPlec.  Click here to see more of the photos on my Flickr.