Weapons of Choice #3 - Meltybrains? by Aaron Corr

I met up with Meltybrains? in Volt studios, where they rehearsed, back in May and interviewed them for my Weapons of Choice feature with GoldenPlec.  I had only caught the band live once prior to then, supporting tUnE-yArDs in Vicar Street and was interested in discovering more about them via the feature.  

This was my first time running a band interview and I was quite daunted given the hyperactive and giddy nature of the band.  I didn't know entirely how I'd write up the piece since I've always interviewed one person at a time and wrote the feature in first person.  When you're transcribing an interview where everyone is talking over each other, and you're trying to remember who is saying what at every given time, you've got your work cut out for you.

The guys were a great laugh, every bit as mad as I expected.  My fellow GoldenPlec colleague Sean Smyth joined me, and took some behind the scenes shots which didn't make their way in to the post once it was all put together.  He caught some fun shots of the laughter had during the interview and some of the rehearsal room antics, keyboard fights and the drums as they got torn apart.  

For the portraits, we left the rehearsal room to shoot outside the studio.  The lads saw my little Toyota Starlet and all wanted to cram in for some shots.  

After that the plan was to get them all in a skip and just do what they felt like doing in front of the camera.  It's great shooting with a band who are open to anything, not afraid of embarrassment, throw their ideas out there and don't hold back.  

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