Mad for it

Liam Gallagher: Olympia Theatre by Aaron Corr

Back in my teens, when I was still mourning the loss of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, Oasis came along and were just the band I needed to move on.  They were the right band, at the right time for a generation.  They were my first ever concert I attended, Pairc Ui Chaoimh in Cork, straight after their massive Knebworth performances.  They were at the pinnacle of their career, and though they continued on for a few albums, continued to sell out stadiums and arenas, nothing was ever as good as that point in time.  As my musical tastes grew and as original members dropped out of the band, I too began to lose interest, but I did still love the band for what were a perfect few years of music.

With Beady Eye now a thing of the past, and Noel and Liam Gallagher's sibling rivalry getting in the way of an Oasis reunion, it is now time for Liam Gallagher to have a go at a solo career, and Dublin's Olympia was one of the first ports of call for him to play.  I bagged myself a chance to get a photo pass and got nostalgic in anticipation at photographing the man himself.  I half expected a photo contract to sign, and rules to shoot from the side only (like requested for photographers of Beady Eye) but amazingly that was not the case.  My teenage self would likely not have been able to contain himself at the chance to have the best view in the house at this gig for a few songs.  Liam and the band walk on to the stage to flashing lights while Fuckin’ in the Bushes plays over the PA.  He engages the crowd by reaching his tambourine out and then takes to the microphone for Rock ‘n Roll Star.

Prior to his arrival, photographers were warned that if the crowd goes nuts and crowd surf over the front barrier through the opening two Oasis songs then we would get pulled out of the photo pit, shoot from the sides and then enter on the third track when things calm.  Irish fans can be nuts, but they didn’t go that far that through the opening double whammy (Morning Glory being the second song) that we had to get escorted out.  All the better for us.  The fans were still as enthusiastic as they come, even if this didn’t mean launching themselves over the barrier.

The lighting was fantastic throughout the shoot.  He has a strong white light predominantly on him, and the mirrored stage decoration helped matters even more.  The light was so bright it allowed me to shoot at far higher aperture and shutter speeds than usual, which provided plenty of really sharp and crisp images compared to most other shows where lighting can be a battle.  My favourite shot from the set is the portrait I’ve added to the Live gallery as it actually feels more like a portrait of the man, rather than a concert shot, and it got an amazing reaction from fans and viewers on social media.  

Liam is well and truly back.  Complete gallery here.  As you were.