Jonny Pierce

The Drums: Whelans by Aaron Corr

The Drums made their long awaited return to Ireland with a stop in to Whelans.  Since they last played they've released two albums, and lost founding member Jacob Graham.  This combined with Jonny Pierce's recent divorce has lead to a new lease of life for Jonny in writing and recording their fourth album, Abysmal Thoughts, and on tour.  I arrived late and caught the last few songs of opening support, Keir.  I took out my camera to take literally two shots, of which the below is one.

With a new live band in tow, Jonny danced and stalked the stage with vigour and even threw in Let's Go Surfing early in the set.  The song has been dropped from most shows I've seen by the band, but now takes pride of place to get the crowd going wild for a Tuesday night.  The show was fine to shoot with mostly consistent light towards the front of stage but darker and deep blues at the back.  For most of my time in the packed crowd I was stuck under Jonny's nose which I tried to make the best of, so as to not get too crazy a perspective when shooting up at him.  

Towards the end of the gig Jonny made a speech to the crowd, opening himself up with a lot of personal details about his strict religious parents and their anti-gay stance.  It was a very heartfelt speech and one you feel he doesn't give at every show but the packed Tuesday night crowd gave him the drive to open up, and the fans lauded him for it.  I've a feeling this show will stay with Jonny as he continues forth with the band.