This Was Our Scene by Aaron Corr

Frank Turner with Gregory Nolan

Frank Turner with Gregory Nolan

I got asked to shoot the opening night of Gregory Nolan's gallery This Was Our Scene in the Fumbally Exchange when my photographer friend who was to cover it took ill.  Gregory moved to London and ended up taking photos from the clubs, gigs, backstage and parties during the indie scene at up to and during it's peak in the noughties.  He's got amazing images of The Killers hanging out pre-stadium glory, Florence Welch on open mic the night she was discovered, Pete Doherty backstage, and loads of amazing shots of fans, punters and clubbers.  He captured the feel of the time with his images.

Gregory's mate Frank Turner came to the launch to give a talk about the gallery and that time in their lives, followed by a Q&A with both Gregory and Frank.  It made for some interesting listening.  The gallery has come to be at a good time when Lizzy Goodman's Meet Me in the Bathroom book is providing a similar look back for the NYC scene, albeit in oral form.  For more check out Gregory's website and Facebook page to see and read more about it, and maybe even order to book of images while you're at it.

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This Was Our Scene