Chris Taylor

Grizzly Bear: Vicar Street by Aaron Corr

My next October assignment was to shoot Grizzly Bear for The Thin Air.  Their support on the night was Liima.  The light was very tricky, lots of smoke and backlight, if any at all.  The camera had to battle pitch dark with the brightest white light when there was any usable light, a tricky combination at a gig with mixed results since you can often be left with what looks like a floating head.  

Thankfully the lighting for Grizzly Bear was better, particularly since they had a cool stage design with a wire mesh smokey/cloud look decorating the stage.  This was their first date of their European tour, and Ed Droste was in the crowd in Whelans the night before to see his friend, Jonny Pierce, at The Drums show, which I blogged about here.  Through Ed Droste's Instagram, it seems the band had a nice few days in Dublin ahead of the start of the tour.  It looks to be their best yet.