Seu Jorge: Vicar Street by Aaron Corr

Seu Jorge

As a big Wes Anderson fan I couldn’t miss out on photographing Seu Jorge Presents The Life Aquatic, a set comprised of his brilliant Portuguese David Bowie covers.  The Thin Air sent me to Vicar Street for the all seated show.  As a result I kept the 70-200mm lens on for most of the shoot.  The main variety in shooting a show like this was to just move around often and cover the gig from different angles, since he is just sat alone with an acoustic guitar.  The lights changed a little over the course of it, from a single spotlight to a Ziggy Stardust face lit up behind Seu.

Seu Jorge told tales between the songs of how he came to be involved in the film, being asked to cover some of Bowie’s well known songs, which were funny and charming little anecdotes.  I must admit that The Life Aquatic however is my least favourite Wes Anderson movie.  By least favourite I mean I didn’t like it at all, and didn’t get the love that others had for it.  Something just did not wash with me and I can’t bring myself to give it another go.  At least it did bring out a brilliant soundtrack, one which Bowie himself very much appreciated.

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