Bagels - Plec Picks 2016 by Aaron Corr

Bagels were the first of two bands I was asked to do a photo shoot with in December for this month's GoldenPlec's Plec Picks  features that launch daily for the first sixteen days of the new year.  Christmas time is always a difficult time to organise a band photo shoot as everywhere is busy, outside is freezing and/or wet and it makes it stressful on top of trying to iron out dates with everyone in a band.

We settled on a Saturday and met at Stephens Green in the afternoon.  I picked the little secluded stony area that looks above part of the green.  I got the guys to take some places dotted around and started to take some test shots for the light, the next thing you know it starts raining heavily down upon us.  We took shelter under a nearby tree with some other people who were in the area.  As we shivered in the cold the guys decided to do what they would do when they busked, take their tops off and cease the moment.

for a laugh we tried a little M.C. Escher style look to a picture, which involved one of the lads laying flat on the wet ground, pretending to walk the wrong way on the steps while the others took up positions elsewhere to walk up or down other sets of steps.  It didn't quite work out as we were all freezing and not wanting to stand around idle to perfect it.

I moved to my next plan, ice creams.  I wanted to mix the miserable day with the guys all eating ice creams, like you'd  want on a Summer's day.   We picked a spot where we'd shoot it within the Green but by the time we got them across the road and returned, security was ushering people out.  We walked on to Merrion Square and did it in that park, utilizing the playground.  This was perfect as the guys, being as young as they are, love to mess around.

We retired to McGrattans pub for a pint, game of pool and to review the shots.  All in all, it was a blast to shoot.  They enjoyed themselves too which is what I always like to hear.