Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen: Vicar Street by Aaron Corr

The Thin Air sent me to shoot Angel Olsen’s return to Dublin in Vicar Street.  I missed out on catching the support from Tim Darcy.  If I realised it was the frontman of Ought then I would have tried to get there sooner to catch him in action.  As things stood I was to catch Angel in action and leave after the three song shoot rather than stay to watch the show.  Luckily for me I got to see her play my favourite tune of 2016 (off the top of my head), Shut Up Kiss Me, from the vantage point of the photo pit.

When she arrived on stage all was dark.  She was then lit a little while the other band members were kept in shadow.  Things lit up better by the second song, the blue lights exposed the cool, glitzy backdrop to the band.  As she struck the opening chords to the third song in the set, the aforementioned Shut Up Kiss Me, the lights were now yellow/gold, enhancing the background but still not entirely providing a great opportunity to shoot the other band members.  This doesn’t bother me as much given it’s all about Angel Olsen.  

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