Mitski: The Tivoli Theatre / by Aaron Corr

It’s still a slow season of shooting gigs for me, and this recent spell has been broken by Mitski, who I covered for GoldenPlec. I regrettably didn’t catch the support act, who I heard great things about. The pit was very tight, and busier than my next shoot at Arctic Monkeys.

Once Mitski took to the stage she remained stood in front of the mic, never moving a step, only ever doing the odd gesture during the third song. The stage was hazy, the lights were blues and purples which were a pain to edit afterwards, and there wasn’t a whole variety to get with the shots. Of course as soon as we were done with our three songs the lights were brighter, with some nice yellows lighting the stage, and Mitski removed the mic stand and proceeded to move and dance around the stage.

If you’ve heard her new album, Be the Cowboy, you’ll know the songs are very short. As was the shoot. I swapped out my 24-70mm lens after one song to my 50mm so I could shoot with a faster lens, and with the composition limitations of this in the confined pit space I had no time to switch back again. The gig was good, but it’s not a photo-set I’m very happy with.