Paul Draper: Workmans Club / by Aaron Corr

I was a big fan of Mansun back in the day, still am.  Attack of the Grey Lantern was an album I came around to a couple of months after its release, and then Six blew me away and remains one of my favourite albums ever.  A desert island disc for me.  I had seen what turned out to be the band’s last ever gig, in Dublin in 2002.  It was a half-hearted run through ten songs, half older, half new, and guarantee of no encore.  I missed seeing them in their hey-day as a live band because they never came to Ireland properly.  Paul Draper’s eventual return as a solo artist was good to see and a date in Workmans Club where he was to play solo material, followed by a second set of Attack of the Grey Lantern in full was a must see.

The gig was packed, very sweaty and had loads of singing along from the crowd, even throughout the solo material.  I shot the show for MCD and came out nearly having to wipe sweat off the lens, it was that hot in the venue.  The lights were consistent and not too dim compared to the usual Workmans standards.  The constant promises to return to play Six in full had me leaving even happier than I would have been having just watched the gig itself.  Roll on Paul’s next visit here.  He can no doubt get a bigger venue next time around too.