Sleep Thieves / by Aaron Corr

What started as a Weapon of Choice feature turned into a full blown interview with the band.  I made the rookie error of handing in a 4,000+ word transcription to my editor without thinking twice about it.  Therefore all the gear talk took a back seat to all the other things we talked about.

A few months before I'd done a feature with Sorcha before and arranged to do this feature with her.  I met up with the band in their rehearsal studio in Dublin city centre and, aware of their tight rehearsal schedule, tried to keep things quick and get out of their way in good time.  I hit record and before I knew it I had 52 minutes recorded with the band.  

The space was tight for using the softball and Tripod but I managed to squeeze it in and get the shots.  Funnily enough this was the same rehearsal room I'd take rehearsal shots of Bitch Falcon the day of the GoldenPlec cover shoot.

I may post the gear details in another blog post but for now here is the main interview feature itself.  Click either picture to see.