Weapons of Choice #2 - Gavin Glass / by Aaron Corr

For my second Weapons of Choice feature I met up with Gavin Glass in his recording studio, Orphan Recordings.  Gavin has a great history to tell regarding his love of music, the tales from the bands he was previously in, to how he ended up setting up his own studio to record himself & other acts.  

Hi dog, Danko was ever present and got in on the photoshoot at any opportunity.  The shoot was done on a cold winter evening and both of us had rumbling stomachs from a long day's work with no dinner.  It can be daunting running he interview and the photoshoot without any assistance, add to that the hunger driving you to get done quicker.  The studio has many rooms full of interesting recording devices, instruments and equipment.  A full day would have done it real justice but I managed to try cover as much as I could in the time I spent there.  

Two things I learned from this shoot were:

  1. Never forget spare batteries.  I usually have them when bringing flashes to a shoot but on this occasion I didn't pack them and of course, it was that time when neither flashes had power to cover the shoot.  Queue me legging it out to the nearest petrol station to buy a few Duracell.
  2. Always remember to bring home your scarf.  Being a cold night I was wrapped up warm and when packing up to leave the studio I forgot to care about non camera related gear.  No biggie to me, it may be an excuse to go back and visit the studio once the cold nights return.

To date this was the last Weapons of Choice feature to go online but there are more in the can, more planned and the plan for one a month so it is a regular feature online.  Stay tuned to see who is next.

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