Eagles of Death Metal / by Aaron Corr

I got to photograph the Eagles of Death Metal's sold out show in Dublin's Olympia Theatre for GoldenPlec.  It was the band's last gig before their ill fated Paris Bataclan show.  The show was fun, energetic, loud and left you smiling from ear to ear as you left the building.  That's exactly what you'd expect in going to see them live.

Knowing what happened 3 days later at their show in Paris makes it very sad when reflecting on the gig.  GoldenPlec made the decision not to post the review in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris, it wouldn't be appropriate.  I've posted the photos to my Flickr so they are not lost.  They were a great band to photograph.  It's such a terrible pity what happened in the following days.  

Rest in Peace to all those who died at the Bataclan and in Paris that Friday.